MMM 2023 will be a mostly in-person conference, although online attendance will be supported.

We will continue to monitor the situation and add updates here if the situation changes. For the convenience of participants to travel to Norway, we choose Media City Bergen (MCB) to organize MMM2023.

Information from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet (FHI)) and Norwegian Health have the current information about Covid-19.

The Recommendations are:

There are no rules in place relating to quarantine or isolation.

You do not need to test for COVID-19 even if you are experiencing symptoms.

You should stay home if you feel ill and experience respiratory symptoms.

You do not need to register a positive self-test.

You do not need to take a PCR test. If you need a test as documentation for your COVID-19 certificate, you will need to pay for the test yourself.

If your testes positive for Covid-19, the recommendations are:

No, there are no longer any rules or recommendations to quarantine or isolate.

You should stay home until you feel better if you are feeling ill and experiencing respiratory symptoms. You can go about life as normal if you are not experiencing any symptoms.

Close contacts and people you live with can also go about life as normal.

If you have tested positive for Covid-19, you should avoid close contact with people who could become seriously ill if they get infected. See separate advice for high-risk groups from the NIPH (in Norwegian).


On this page, you will find information that is important for registration. We suggest that you read it through carefully before registering.

media city bergen - the main venue

The main events will be at Media City Bergen (MCB) where the newest technology used in the media business is used and presented in work.

The headquarters for the media Cluster is Media City Bergen. It is a leading international hub for media and technology innovation, with the Media Lab and a startup lab forming the core of the innovation and research projects for the cluster and cluster partners. Media City Bergen counts around 100 companies, with eight major universities and research facilities as members. One of the founding partners of the Media Cluster is the University of Bergen (UIB). Norwegian Media Cluster enjoys an innovation ecosystem that works extremely well, with a high degree of joint innovation projects and high innovation speed.

Some of the awards the Norwegian Media Cluster has received Center of Expertise status from Innovation Norway and has its own cluster organization, NCE Media (Norwegian Center of Expertise in Media).

NCE Media is the innovation engine for the cluster members and has six full-time employees that actively work to enhance activity in the cluster and facilitate innovation processes among members, as well as programs for ­partners and sponsors. NCE Media is located in the Media Lab in Media City Bergen (top floor, south tower), and runs the Media Lab as well as other innovative projects and activities in the Media Cluster.

The main page for Media City Bergen:

More information at:

Address: Lars Hilles gate 30, 5008 Bergen

gala dinner will be at Grand Hotel Terminus

The Galla dinner

The Galla dinner will be held at the Grand Hotel Terminus in Bergen.


Grand Hotel Terminus is located in the heart of the city, right next to Bergen railway station and Bystasjonen (bus station). Stops for the airport bus and city light-rail are close by. In other words, Grand Hotel Terminus is within easy reach of many attractions and adventures. It is walking distance to the city’s many attractions. Most of the top tourist attractions lie within walking distance from the hotel.

Getting to Terminus

From Bergen Airport Flesland: Light-rail to Nonneseter – walking distance, 100 meters. Airport bus to Bystasjonen (bus station) – walking distance, 300 metres.

From Bergen railway station: Walking distance, 20 meters

From the Strandkaien Terminal: Walking distance: 1 km. Taxi rank by the harbour.

From the Hurtigruten Terminal: Walking distance, 1.6 km. Taxi booking: Bergen Taxi, tel. no. 07000.

By car: Nearest parking is at ByGarasjen where our guests are offered a 15% discount when ticket is shown at the reception.

Travel to bergen

Bergen is the Gateway to the Fjords of Norway. As a UNESCO World Heritage City and a European City of Culture, the Bergen region has the ideal combination of nature, culture and exciting urban life all year around.

In Bergen, you can find a range of different accommodations ranging from exclusive hotels to charming Beds & Breakfasts. In Bergen, you can also enjoy some of the finest seafood restaurants in Norway. If you are looking for things to do in Bergen, check out the large selection of activities and attractions.

Some of the activities around Bergen City is the Brew in Bergen. It has shops, drinking places and a place for families. If you walk past the Brew you come to the old and historic fortress of Bergen. In the main town, it is often public arrangements for tourists and the citizens of Bergen.

Around Bergen, it is seven mountains for hiking. The seven official mountains of Bergen are Ulriken 643 m (2110 ft), Fløyfjellet 400 m (1300 ft), Rundemanen 568 m (1684 ft), Sandviksfjellet 417 m (1368ft), Damsgårdfjellet 317 m (1040 ft), Lyderhorn 396 m (1299 ft) and Løvstakken 477 m (1565 ft).

If you want to walk in a more natural environment close to the city it is several public parks for you to enjoy the local environment. More in this article from Studybergen.

Airport Express Bus – terminal A5-A7

The Airport Express bus stops at the left hand side just outside the main terminal building of the airport. The Express Bus takes approximately 20 minutes to Bergen Bus Station. With a total of 6 stops in the city centre, Flybussen stops within walking distance to most hotels. For and real time travel info, see


Taxis stop just outside the terminal building. To the center of Bergen it is 16 kilometers. The trip takes about 18 minutes on normal traffic.


The Light Rail takes you all the way to and from the airport. Its stop is right outside the terminal. Tickets for the Light Rail can be bought using the app Skyss Ticket (Skyss Billet), at the Light Rail stop, or at the ticket machine at the baggage claim area (credit cards will be accepted).

The closest stop to Media City Bergen is Nygård. It is two minutes away from the main entrance of Media City Bergen.

If you take the Light train to the end terminus Byparken, it is approximately 1 kilometre from the main entrance of Media City Bergen.

Link to the Skyss webpage:


Local Information

Bergen is a city and municipality in Vestland county on the west coast of Norway. As of 2021, its population is roughly 285,900 people. Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway. The municipality covers 465 square kilometres (180 sq mi) and is on the peninsula of Bergenshalvøyen. The city centre and northern neighbourhoods are on Byfjorden, “the city fjord”, and the city is surrounded by mountains; Bergen is known as the "city of seven mountains". Many of the extra-municipal suburbs are on islands. Bergen is the administrative centre of Vestland county. The city consists of eight boroughs: Arna, Bergenhus, Fana, Fyllingsdalen, Laksevåg, Ytrebygda, Årstad, and Åsane.

Trading in Bergen may have started as early as the 1020s. According to tradition, the city was founded in 1070 by King Olav Kyrre and was named Bjørgvin, “the green meadow among the mountains”. It served as Norway's capital in the 13th century, and from the end of the 13th century became a bureau city of the Hanseatic League. Until 1789, Bergen enjoyed exclusive rights to mediate trade between Northern Norway and abroad and it was the largest city in Norway until the 1830s when it was overtaken by the capital Oslo. What remains of the quays, Bryggen, is a World Heritage Site.

More exciting information about Bergen:

Whether and Northern Lights in Bergen
Whether in Bergen is a mixture of rain, clouds, and some sunny days. People always have an umbrella, with them, since it can rain at any given time. In January when the International Conference on Multimedia Modelling takes place in Bergen at Media City. The weather is often cold and with rain. Sometimes the snow lays down on the ground for one or two days.

In the winter the Northern Lights are possible to see from Bergen, their appearance is sporadic and uncommon compared to areas in Northern Norway. If you are really determined to see the Northern Lights during your time in Bergen, don't make the mistake of waiting for the lights to come to you. Commit to making a trip to where the lights are more likely to be visible.

More information about the weather:

Information about the northern lights: and

hotels in Bergen