Camera-Ready Instructions

All final camera ready papers must be uploaded on the MMM 2023 submission system by November 14, 2022. These papers should adhere to the Springer Guidelines for Authors.

Please note that it will not be possible to change the papers once they are uploaded, so please do make any updates prior to upload. The papers should be uploaded as one zip file (containing the source files in a subdirectory called 'source' and a PDF of the final paper in the zip root).

Accompanying each uploaded paper should be a signed Copyright Permission form for Springer LNCS (also in the zip root). The template of the form is here: Copyright Template. Our proceedings chair will check each form for completeness after upload and may revert if there are any issues. Please take care to ensure that all author details are correct and in the same order as the paper.

Please keep in mind the paper length requirements. Full papers (Regular & Special Session papers) must not exceed 12 pages (all manuscript content, including figures, tables and references, must fit into the page limit). VBS, BNI & Demo Papers must not exceed 6 pages (including figures, tables, and references).

Accompanying each paper must be one full-price (regular) conference registration. This is a requirement of the publication process. The Registration information is here: Registration.